Kids can be so adorable, silly, stubborn, and—well—just plain immature sometimes that it’s easy to sell their abilities short. However, it’s also important to remember what else they are capable of. Here’s a short list of some of the amazing things that kids have done, or are currently doing around the world:

Famous inventions by children


We might not have much use for these in California, but 15-year-old Chester Greenwood (a native of Maine) asked his grandmother to sew fur onto a two-loop wire he had made, thus inventing the ear-warmers.


Louis Braille was just three years old in 1812 when he was injured and lost his vision. Later on, as a 15 year-old studying in Paris, he designed a system using raised dots in specific patterns to aid in reading.

Cancer detection

In her project, “Development of a Urine Test for the Early Detection of Cancer,” 16 year-old Janet developed a urine test for the early detection of cancer. The use of a urine test for cancer screening would be less invasive, less unpleasant, and less expensive than current cancer screening methods, increasing compliance rates and allowing for the early detection of cancer.

The toy truck

Robert W. Patch became the youngest person to ever receive a U.S. patent when, at the ripe age of 6, he invented a toy truck.

Meet two more amazing youngsters:

Richard Turere

Age: 13

From: Kenya

Position: Inventor

Richard’s invention saved his community’s livestock from lions—and it also saved the lions themselves

Jaden Carlson

Age: 12

From: Boulder, CO

Position: Musician

Jaden and her band continue to gain fans in Colorado and around the country, even headlining the historic Fox Theatre.

Finally, if you haven’t already seen him online, meet Félix—a 10 year-old from Quebec, who proves that neither age, nor language, nor disability, nor guitar-holding orthodoxy will keep him from rocking this American classic.

Will our children grow up to cure cancer, play in front of a sold-out stadium, or invent a new alternative forms of energy? Maybe not. But then again…

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