K–12 Infographics

Hemet Unified School District’s executive cabinet wanted a series of infographics with key performance, safety, and engagement indicators so they could could make informed decisions during leadership meetings.

Using an Excel-to-InDesign data merge, the final product became 5 separate layouts, printed into (4) 36×54 posters, (48) 11×17 place mats, and (12) data flip books. 

Also, because it’s data-merged, the color-coded circles and trend arrows will update easily as new figures come in.

Crisis Link


Working with the Director of Policy and Plans for the Pentagon’s Defense Suicide Prevention Office, I built a series of data dashboards in Tableau to help communicate PRS CrisisLink’s organizational targets while also facilitating a sense of meaningful progress within crisis workers and volunteers.

I then screen-captured the process for building the dashboards so PRS CrisisLink could take ownership going forward. The videos linked here come from that playlist.

6 months after delivering the dashboards, CrisisLink invested in Tableau as an organization and secured a contract as an overflow provider for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline—more than doubling their call volume within 6 months’ time.



I occasionally perform consultative work in the areas of digital marketing strategy and web development. This $600MM Houston-based oilfield company was punched in the gut when the price-per-barrel nosedived in early 2020. I beat the next-lowest bid by 37% and helped them pivot to a digital-first marketing strategy, earning a 3000% ROI within the first 3 months of the project. I also helped train their team to own the marketing process. Shortly after handing off the project, they increased their ad spend and forecasted a run rate of $1.7 million per month


Pacific Dental Services


Pacific Dental Services is a leading dental service organization that provides support to practices nationwide.

Their partnership with Gloo was unique in scale, and inspired collaboration with Arizona State University’s Center for Games and Impact.

As a collab project between multiple parties, a unique interface was needed to create a single user experience. The XD and PDF files linked below contain v2 of our efforts to combine three platforms into one.



Gloo is a tech startup that works to help various organizations develop their people.

I led a team of internal instructional designers and creatives, as well as third-party development and creative firms to translate our clients’ curricula into customized learning content on the Gloo platform.


Agriculture Product Page


Here is a product page template that I made for a large seed company based out of the midwest.