This universal engagement framework is the pride and joy of my career to-date. I’ve used it with schools, multinational corporations, tech startups, non-profit organizations, and trade associations. Perhaps best of all, it applies just as easily to stakeholder engagement as it does to philanthropic giving and quarterly sales goals.

I typically employ it in my work as Co-Founder of Boom Valley Creative, but if you have seven minutes, I’d love to share it with you and demonstrate how it can be contextualized to fit your organization’s goals.


When COVID-19 hit, it forced school closures across the nation. I had already won recognition for helping a large district in Southern California rebrand its digital properties, so I worked to continue the flow of instructional materials through a custom-built distance learning website and deployment strategy.

Before summer break, the site had garnered repeat visitors from 46 states who were searching for distance learning resources.


This $600MM Houston-based oilfield company was punched in the gut when the price-per-barrel nosedived in early 2020.

I beat the next-lowest bid by 37% and helped them pivot to a digital-first strategy, earning a 3000% ROI within the first 3 months of the project.

I also helped them earn the fear of their competitors. Literally. This project marked the first time that I had a competitor beg us to stop running ads. And I was pleased to see this bohemoth corporation actually lay off the gas so as not to put a small business owner out of work.


I have a heart for education—particularly when it concerns students with special needs. So when the California Association for the Gifted (CAG) came calling, I couldn’t wait to pick up the phone.

I refreshed the design of their website and made it mobile-friendly. I also launched an integrated membership portal, which CAG used to host its first-ever virtual institute. On top of helping them branch out into a new revenue stream, I also saved them $200/month over their previous digital team.


This was a rare four-party collaboration between (i) the nation’s leading dental services provider, (ii) a large tech startup, (iii) Arizona State University’s Center for Games and Impact, and (iv) yours truly.

I helped ASU and the tech startup secure a $1.2MM contract by designing the UI/UX for an app that gamifies dentist training, articulating the marketing strategy, building a pitch deck—and delivering the pitch myself.


Working with the Director of Policy and Plans for the Pentagon’s Defense Suicide Prevention Office, I built a series of data dashboards in Tableau to help communicate a sense of meaningful progress within crisis workers and volunteers at a suicide prevention call center.

I then recorded the process for building the dashboards so their team could take over ownership going forward.

Six months after delivering the dashboards, the organization secured a contract as an overflow provider for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline—more than doubling their monthly call volume.


Hemet Unified School District’s executive cabinet wanted a series of infographics with key performance, safety, and engagement indicators so they could could make informed decisions during leadership meetings.

Using an Excel-to-InDesign data merge, the final product became 5 separate layouts, printed into (4) 36×54 posters, (48) 11×17 place mats, and (12) data flip books.

Also, because it’s data-merged, the color-coded circles and trend arrows will update easily as new figures come in.


Not everything that I’ve built is high-stakes or huge in scope. This Colorado agriculture company wanted to improve its product pages for the seeds it was trying to sell online.

It might not have been the most glamorous gig, but I was happy to pitch in with some graphic design and SEO guidance.


In the heyday of the Daily Deal, I wrote hundreds of ads for LivingSocial.

One of them even earned their “Best Copy” award.


Neither marketing nor digital content creation per se, but my all-time favorite graphic design work is the design that would be engraved into my dad’s headstone.

Marking his resting place in Tincup, CO, the image features the Collegiate Peaks, a series of 14ers in the Colorado Rockies that were among of his favorite to hike.